The Human Side of Cancer

with Dr. Jimmie Holland

A series of podcasts about coping with the psychological and emotional side of cancer,

with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center psychiatrist Jimmie Holland,

the woman who pioneered the field of psycho-oncology.

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Episode One: The Shock of Diagnosis (5.7 MB / 8:11 minutes)

A variety of resources and coping strategies can help a patient deal with the

anxiety and disorientation that often accompany a cancer diagnosis.

Episode Two: Cancer Myths (3.7 MB / 5:13 minutes)

Cancer patients are often flooded with unreliable information about the disease.

What's cancer fact and what's cancer fiction?

Episode Three: Doctor and Patient Relationships (4.9 MB / 7:00 minutes) 

Find the right doctor for you or your loved one and then build

a successful partnership to ensure the best cancer care. 

Episode Four: A Family Affair (4.9 MB / 5:45 minutes)

Family members and caregivers suffer, too, when a loved one has cancer.

Good communication and support services can help.

Episode Five: Life After Cancer (4.4 MB / 6:01 minutes)

After successful treatment, a survivorship plan can help patients feel less anxious

about monitoring their health and more confident about embracing the future.