Book Reviews

“Our Only World” by Wendell Berry

The 10 essays in "Our Only World" convey outrage over environmental and community ruin while also expressing hope that the very species that inflicted such harm is capable of doing better.  Stern but compassionate, Berry raises broader issues that environmentalists rarely focus on.

“Unseen City” by Nathanael Johnson

Nature writing is full of men heading off into the wilderness in search of something, but journalist Nathanael Johnson brings the genre into the 21st century with a refreshing, thought-provoking and humorous father-and-daughter eco-quest.

“Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman’s Awakening”

by Manal Al-Sharif

The book provides a rare glimpse into Saudi society, and especially into the lives and emotions of women. Rules — especially for women — are everywhere, and so are the punishments for breaking them.

"The Great Texas Wind Rush,”

by Kate Galbraith and Asher Price

Millions of people are asking how or if the country can transition

from fossil fuels to renewable energy — and ironically Texas

is leading the way in actually doing it.

"A Prayer Journal" by Flannery O'Connor

"A Prayer Journal" is a moving glimpse of a young writer

seeking to balance her art with her faith.

"The Telling Room: a Tale of Love, Betrayal,

Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese"

by Michael Paterniti

What makes a great cheese? The skill of the cheesemaker, the freshness of the raw milk, or perhaps the variety of grass and herbs the animals ate? "The Telling Room" suggests one more secret ingredient: weaving all those elements into a story that's savored just like the cheese itself.


The Human Side of Cancer with Dr. Jimmie Holland

A series about coping with the psychological and emotional side of cancer, with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center psychiatrist Jimmie Holland, the woman who pioneered the field of psycho-oncology.

You can hear more of my podcasts for cancer survivors here.

and the Surviving + Thriving series here.

Episode One: The Shock of Diagnosis (5.7 MB / 8:11 minutes)

A variety of resources and coping strategies can help a patient deal with the

anxiety and disorientation that often accompany a cancer diagnosis.

Episode Two: Cancer Myths (3.7 MB / 5:13 minutes)

Cancer patients are often flooded with unreliable information about the disease. What's cancer fact and what's cancer fiction?

Episode Three: Doctor and Patient Relationships (4.9 MB / 7:00 minutes) 

Find the right doctor for you or your loved one and then build

a successful partnership to ensure the best cancer care. 

Episode Four: A Family Affair (4.9 MB / 5:45 minutes)

Family members and caregivers suffer, too, when a loved one has cancer.

Good communication and support services can help.

Episode Five: Life After Cancer (4.4 MB / 6:01 minutes)

After successful treatment, a survivorship plan can help patients feel less anxious about monitoring their health and more confident about

embracing the future.